ABOUT Meryl Skinder MSW, LCSW


Life affords no greater responsibility or privilege than raising children.  They enter our lives with no instruction manuals and present with their own temperament and unique characteristics.  As they grow and the world around them changes, they are often faced with challenges and stressors that make life feel difficult to manage at times.


You don’t have to address your child’s issues alone. If you notice that your child has become moody or withdrawn, behaves more aggressively, or is not reaching his or her potential in school, I can help. If your child is having issues with friends or has become increasingly anxious or uncommunicative, I can provide coping tools to assist with their struggles.  If you are feeling unsure about how to tackle any of these or other issues with your child, please call.


It is my belief that it is fruitful to address issues sooner than later, as there are often greater gains and fewer long-term difficulties with early intervention.  As the mother of three girls, I know that while raising happy, healthy, well-balanced and resilient children is the ultimate goal, life’s challenges can present obstacles that impede that process.  Counseling can provide the avenue to help regain a sense of control, calm and balance.


I have always been drawn to young people, their struggles and triumphs.  My undergraduate education fueled my desire to work in the helping professions and ultimately drew me to New York University where I completed my Masters degree in Social Work in 1987.  I have enjoyed working with children and adolescents in public school settings, outpatient mental health clinics and in private practice.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with certifications as a school social worker and an instructor of Developing Capable People.  I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers as well as the Academy of Certified Social Workers.


As a psychotherapist with experience in treating children and adolescents with a wide array of issues, I pride myself on creating a safe and comfortable environment where you and your child will feel at ease and supported.  My approach is sensitive and practical, integrating a number of different treatment modalities to address your child’s needs.


It is always a privilege to work with families who are committed to positive change and progress.  You do not need to feel isolated by your challenges. Together, we can build new skills, set goals, and enhance awareness and communication so you and your family can live a fuller, happier life.