In light of the COVID-19 Virus, The Massler Center is striving to keep your family, our staff and the community at large safe and healthy so that we can continue to provide excellent care.  We are following the guidelines of the local schools and medical practices by implementing social distancing.   As such, we will be conducting sessions by video or phone in addition to in person until it is deemed safe by the state to re-open.  If you would like video sessions, we will be utilizing a HIPAA compliant service.

To ensure privacy and confidentiality.  Your treatment provider will send you a link if you decide to choose this option.  The service is simple to use on any smartphone or computer.  If you would like a phone session that is also always an option as well.

If you would like to cancel your session, please provide as much notice as possible so your treatment provider can adjust their schedules accordingly.  The Massler Center is here to support you and your family during this evolving time.



Dr. Massler


Dr. Joshua M. Massler, Founder

Massler Center for Psychological Wellness, P.C.